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This website was founded by myself, Sam Harrington, as an information guide to help people find the best steam iron after being very annoyed at the many poor quality steam irons that I’ve purchased in the past.

It’s common for steam irons to drip water, build up limescale and calcium quickly, stick to clothing when ironing and a host of other problems. Fortunately, technology and steam irons have improved a lot other the years, and many models have solved all these issues. You just need to know which ones have these features and actually perform as advertised.

How Can We Help You Find The Right Steam Iron?

You’ll find many different review websites that focus on home consumer goods, and they provide their readers with general information on certain products and services.

However, there are not many that focus specifically on steam irons and the ones that do, they lack proper insight in their reviews and guides. The information we provide is easy-to-digest as to avoid confusion as much as possible, but with enough depth so you don’t miss out the most vital points.

If you want to delve deeper into a products features and usability, we have that covered in our steam iron reviews, which are based on real user experiences and is ranked on a number of important factors such as usability, build quality, performance, reliability, warranty and price.

Our comparison charts are extremely popular with our audience, as they give the most important facts about the best steam irons, so that you can make a quick and informed decision on your purchase.

Comparison Charts

Here are some comparison charts that our readers find useful in helping them compare specifications of different steam irons side-by-side.

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