How To Iron A Shirt Properly Within 3 Minutes


A Shirt is probably the most awkward piece of clothing to iron, and it can be very time consuming when you have multiple shirts to iron. A Director of British smartwear retailer T.M Lewin demonstrates how to iron a shirt properly.

Using the technique presented below, you can iron a shirt in under just 3 minutes. Read on or scroll to the bottom to watch the video.

What You Need

“Starting off with the kit, it’s really important to have a good steam iron that’s heavy and punches out some good steam. A water spray to dampen down the shirt, and if you like your shirts a little bit more formal, a bit of starch.

You also need a really good ironing board, and the wider the better because that’s going to make it quicker, and a mesh based so it doesn’t get too damp.”

It’s not necessary to have a separate water spray bottle if your steam iron already has a spray mist feature, which a lot of them do.

How To Iron A Shirt In Under 3 Minutes

“I think one of the reasons people are put off by ironing is because they think it’s going to take them a long time, but if you follow my technique, you should be able to iron a shirt in 3 minutes.”

Step 1 – Preparation

“First thing is preparation so we want to use our mist spray and just dampen down the shirt and ideally, leave that for a few minutes to soak in, and then we start the ironing process.”

Step 2 – Sleeve & Cuff

ironing the cuff and sleeve

“Start with the sleeve and the cuff. It’s really important to press down on the heel of the iron, not on the tip, otherwise you’ll end up with little ripples and creases that you can’t get out at the beginning. Now if you get the sleeve completely flat, we only need to iron one side of it so that saves time as well. And if you don’t like a crease down the centre of your sleeve, just press up to just before the edge, and that’ll give you a nice soft line.”

Step 3 – The Yoke

“Moving onto the yoke. Pull out the sleeve to pull out the seams.”

Step 4 – The Collar

ironing the shirt collar
Press down in the middle of the collar only.

“…and then we go onto the collar, which is the trickiest bit. First thing to do is just give it a bit of steam to soften up the fibers. Give it a stretch out, and then pressing on the back of the iron, so that you don’t form those creases at the end. Just go from one side to the other…and we don’t want to press a hard crease in the front edges of the collar, we want them to roll, so we’re just going to press in the center back. Give that a quick steam.”

Step 5 – Around The Shirt

“…and then the trick is to do the collar up, then we can work our way all around the shirt without it going everywhere. Iron the placket and give it a pull just to straighten out those seams. Move onto the back, and finally the last front. I’m steaming all the while to relax those fibers. Then going between the buttons, and not over them.”

Last Tips

“Now the mistake most people make is that they’ll wear the shirt straight away, but my top tip is to stick it on a hanger for 10 minutes, let it cool down and dry, and then it’s ready to go for the day.”

Other things to keep in mind are:

  • When necessary, pull out the seams when ironing to stretch the shirt, making it easier to remove creases.
  • Remember to occasionally steam during ironing in order to relax the fibers.
  • Press down at the back of the iron, not the tip, so that it doesn’t form any ripples or creases.

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