How To Iron Clothes Properly

If ironing clothes is not your forte, don’t worry because you’re not alone in this. Fashion designer S.Princess Warren who is a self-proclaimed lover of ironing shows you how to iron clothes properly. Even though she uses a men’s shirt for demonstration purposes, a lot of the tips and techniques shown can be applied to any type of clothing.

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“Now we’re going to talk about how to iron your clothes. It sounds relatively very very simple, but I see people with wrinkles all the time…and something that you know they left their house with wrinkles.”

“They didn’t just get those wrinkles on the train, they didn’t get those wrinkles in the car, you didn’t get those wrinkles sitting down. Those are very distinct wrinkles. These are, I left the house, didn’t care, look a mess, hot mess wrinkles. So let P.W show you how to get it done.”

Step 1 – Spray Starch Evenly

how to iron clothes properly

“The first thing you need to do is actually unbutton it…Yes men, I’m using a men’s shirt so you should be feeling like it’s all about you right now. I’m going to get some spray starch, and you see, that’s an even spray…this is not a spray here, spray there, this is a nice even spray.”

Step 2 – Use Small Movements

“I have this on the next to the highest setting. Also when you’re ironing or before you iron, read the type of fabrication that you have…what you want to do is you want to go up and down. I like a little shimmy (small side-to-side movements). I like my iron to shake and I really do love to iron so it doesn’t bother me one lick.”

Step 3 – Point The Iron In The Right Direction

how to iron clothes properly

“When you get on the sleeves for the seams, you want to go over just a little and let the steam start to get on that. You want to pull up on your sides when you get to your collar…and point the face of the iron where the seam is. And we’re going to shimmy!…I like the back and forth little shake it shake it motion on the iron.”

Step 4 – Ironing The Placket

how to iron clothes properly

“…and then we get onto the placket, what we want to do is pull it. We want to pull it so it’s nice and tight so you get a very direct line…and then you do your other side. When you do between the buttons, you want to go in and in. That high heat setting will save you every time.”

Step 5 – Ironing The Back

how to iron clothes properly

“Let me show you the correct way to do the back of your shirt, cos I see a lot of people just skip the back. Men’s shirts are the easiest things to iron because the ironing board is kind of in shape with a men’s shirt. They were totally designed for you guys. Now what you want to do for this part (top center) is pull the top of the collar, you see it’s already taken shape, and then send the iron straight up.

Top Tips

  • Use spray starch to help remove creases when ironing.
  • When ironing, use small side-to-side movements over tough creases to help ease them out better.
  • Pull at the seams to straighten out the fabric.
  • Always maneuver towards the creases by using the tip of the iron first.
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