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    One of the most popular steam irons around is the Rowenta DW5080 Focus because of its power and variety of high specs. Along with the DW6080, it’s also one of the highest rated on Amazon, and in this review, I’ll be looking at what makes this steam iron so good and what weaknesses it has.

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    Top Benefits

    tickRowenta DW5080 Focus ReviewPatented Microsteam 400 Soleplate – It’s constructed from stainless steel and is scratch resistant and non-stick. It also has 400 holes integrated to let out perfectly distributed steam.

    tickLarge Water Tank – Having an impressive 10oz water tank means less refilling after using its high steam output. The graduation lines within the tank also allows you to easily identify how much water is left.

    tickLarge Ergonomic Thermostat Knob – Allows you to control heat by adjusting the knob according to the easy-to-read settings.

    tickSelf-Clean System – Ensure that your steam iron lasts longer with the auto-clean feature which disposes of loose mineral deposits.

    tickAnti-Drip System – This prevents the steam iron from leaking or spitting regardless of temperature, something that is common in lesser models.


    Rowenta DW5080
    Our User Rating
    Cord7 ft.
    Auto Clean
    SoleplateScratch Resistant Stainless Steel Nonstick
    Steam Holes400
    Steam Output100g/min
    Water Tank10 oz
    Extra Features+ Vertical Steam
    + Enhanced high precision tip delivers steam and pressing into hard-to-reach areas
    + Large Thermostat Knob
    + Graduation Lines - For a precise water indication
    + Anti-scale system removes limescale
    + 360° Pivoting Cord
    Dimensions11" x 5" x 6"
    Weight3.4 lbs
    Warranty1 year
    Made InGermany

    User Experiences

    The people that know the most about a product is those that have actually used it consistently over a period of time. We’ve researched over 50 real user reviews to highlight the positives and negatives of their experiences with the Rowenta DW5080 steam iron.

    Design & Construction

    rowenta dw5080 design

    The construction is strong and sturdy, and handling is comfortable with large steam and spray buttons.

    The shape of the DW5080 is not entirely different from the rest of the DW series, especially the DW6080 Eco Intelligence model. It still embodies a heavy and chunky but solid design in a beige color. It has a nice and sturdy handle that gives a good grip and comfort in your hands.

    Just above the handle is the auto-off indicator and two large buttons for the steam and spray. Nothing is in the way of the handle so you won’t accidently press anything. At the back of the handle, below the cord, is a large indicator light that turns off when the iron is ready to use.

    Being that it’s German engineered, you can see and feel the quality. However, it’s highly likely that some components are from China, though that shouldn’t be an indicator of quality (or lack thereof).

    Microsteam Soleplate

    The non-stick and scratch resistant stainless steel soleplate is designed to glide smoothly across fabric and has 400 integrated steam vents for distributing steam evenly. Unlike the DW6080, it’s completely flat which gives a larger surface area when pressing down.

    At the top of the soleplate is the precision tip which allows you to easily iron tight gaps such as in between buttons. This works a charm since there are also several steam vents at the tip.

    Ironing Performance

    The overall consensus of the Rowenta DW5080 is positive, having garnered top scores from the majority of users. Here are some of the main points that have been highlighted by customers.


    rowenta dw5080 focus review

    The smooth and effortless gliding of the nonstick stainless steel soleplate has been praised by many users.

    • Many users have praised it on its smooth gliding when ironing, thanks to its non-stick high quality stainless steel soleplate. This means less effort and shorter time spent ironing.
    • The back of the soleplate is curved so that no creases are formed when you’re going back and forth with the iron.
    • There’s a large thermostat knob that allows you to control the heat simply by turning it to the type of fabric you’re ironing.
    • Anti-Drip feature prevents spitting or dripping of water on low temperatures.
    • There’s an even burst of steam on each press which makes ironing more efficient.
    • You don’t have to wait around very long for the iron to heat up as it only just a couple minutes to get ready.
    • Unregulated tap water can be used (actually it’s recommended), but other users have stated spring water is fine also. However, distilled water is not alright to use.
    • You can easily tell how much water is left as there are graduation lines on the water tank.


    • Since it has an auto-off feature, it doesn’t have an on/off switch which means that you cannot manually shut it down without pulling the plug out.
    • In the set of included tips, it’s recommended that you empty the iron after each use, which can be a hassle for some.
    • The cord is not retractable.

    Ease Of Cleaning

    Just like with many other Rowenta models, the DW5080 has a great auto-clean feature, and at the flick of the side switch, water impurities are removed through a strong burst of steam and water. It’s recommended that you do this once every 2 weeks, but some users have suggested once of month if you’re not using the steam iron everyday.

    Limescale and calcium build-up is also removed because of the integrated anti-calc system. The whole point of these self-clean features are to increase the lifespan of the iron.


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    Our Conclusion

    • buy rowenta dw5080 focusQuite a powerful steam iron with 1700 watts and 100g/min of steam output. As a result, it heats up quicker and lets off more steam, meaning better efficiency when ironing.
    • Handling is comfortable and it just smoothly glides over clothing, something praised highly by many users.

    The Rowenta DW5080 Focus is an all-round excellent steam iron that outperforms most other models around its price range. There aren’t too many negatives about this iron, so if you’re looking for an everyday steam iron that can handle rigorous tasks, this is a great candidate.

    Average User Rating:

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