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    Boasting an attractive and unique design combined with top specifications, the Rowenta DW6080 has become popular among consumers who are looking for the most stress free ironing experience.

    In my review of the Rowenta DW6080, I’ll be taking an in-depth look at whether its performance matches its good looks, as well as what other real life users think of it.

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    Top Benefits

    tickrowenta dw6080 reviewSaves Energy – Thanks to its 3D soleplate design and eco setting, steam output is optimized and less water is used while energy is reduced by 25%.

    tickImpressive Steam Power – With 180g/min of steam output distributed through 400 steam vents, you shouldn’t have any trouble removing creases from any of your clothing.

    tickAnti-Drip System – You won’t have to worry about any water leakages and spillages as the anti-drip system prevents this from occurring when the thermostat is on a low setting.

    tickImpressive Cleaning System – The Rowenta DW6080 has an integrated anti-calcium and self-clean system to remove any impurities in the water, resulting in a longer life span of the steam iron.

    tickIdeal For Left Or Right Handers – It doesn’t matter whether you are left or right handed, because the ergonomic rotatory trigger ensures that both are catered to.



    Rowenta DW6080
    Our User Rating
    Cord7 ft.
    Auto Clean
    Soleplate3D Stainless Steel Nonstick
    Steam Holes400
    Steam Output180 g/min
    Water TankN/A
    Extra Features+ 3De soleplate design concentrates steam below the soleplate to increase steam efficiency
    + High precision tip delivers steam and pressing into hard-to-reach areas
    + Steam optimization system settings - Dry, Eco & Boost
    + Ergonomic rotary trigger for left and right handed users
    + 25% energy saving steam output
    + Anti-scale system removes limescale
    Dimensions12.6" x 5.7" x 7.1"
    Weight3.5 lbs
    Warranty1 year
    Made InGermany

    User Experiences

    The people that know the most about a product is those that have actually used it consistently over a period of time. We’ve researched over 50 real user reviews to highlight the positives and negatives of their experiences with the Rowenta DW6080 steam iron.

    Design & Construction

    3De Soleplate

    The 3De soleplate is designed to optimize steam efficiency.

    A sleek black casing with a green translucent water tank and a flowery pattern beneath it captures most people’s attention and can be described as attractive. If you’re a man, you shouldn’t be put off by the floral design since it doesn’t stand out too much.

    The cord pivots 360 degrees so it’s easy to maneuver when ironing, but the length is only 7 ft. long, which to some, may be too short. All buttons and switches are placed conveniently above the handle, with the rotatory trigger easily accessible for left and right handers.

    3De Soleplate

    The patented non-stick and scratch resistant 3De soleplate is one of a kind. It features a rounded edged design with a narrow pointy tip that’s extremely useful for getting into tight spaces such as around buttons and seams. On the soleplate, there are 400 steam vents designed to distribute steam effectively.

    The actual 3D design refers to the approximately 1mm recess where the steam vents are located. This is intended to concentrate steam within this area and reduce steam loss. As a result, less water is used and more energy is saved.


    Ironing Performance

    The majority of users have had a pleasant and in some cases, the best ever experience in ironing with the Rowenta DW6080. Here are some of the main points that have been highlighted by customers.


    • rowenta dw6080 review

      The Rowenta DW6080 has a powerful steam output and comes to temperature very quickly, making easy work of ironing different fabrics.

      There’s a lot of steam power (180g/min) which makes removing creases a breeze, whether you’re pressing down or doing vertical steaming. It’s very efficient with users being able to easily iron multiple shirts in a short space of time, large uncut fabric and multiple layers of fabric.

    • Great for cotton and linen fabric.
    • There is very minimal water spillage, spitting or leaking at a low temperature and virtually none at a high temperature.
    • It comes to the highest temperature very quickly, within just a few short minutes, so no more waiting around whenever you turn on your steam iron.
    • Tap water is fine to use when refilling, and you can see when it needs refilling thanks to its translucent water tank.
    • The non-stick and scratch resistant soleplate combined with efficient steaming makes ironing so smooth and easy.
    • When left stationary for around 8 minutes in an upright position, it automatically turns off. When rested flat on the soleplate, it turns off quickly as a safety feature.


    • Because of the high steam power and limited steam/temp regulations (only 3 settings), it’s not ideal for delicate fabrics.
    • The 1mm recess on the soleplate where the steam holes are, reduces the surface area which makes pressing when ironing low temperature fabrics a bit more time consuming.
    • If you plan on using lots of steam (which you likely will), then expect to fill up the water tank often as the capacity is quite small for high steam output.
    • The iron is slightly heavier and larger than most other steam irons.

    Ease Of Cleaning

    Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about any excessive build-up of calcium as it has an integrated anti-calc cartridge which effectively removes it before it damages your steam iron.

    The self-clean switch on the side lets off a strong burst of steam to remove any water impurities from within the water tank. Not only will these essential features save you time and effort from manually cleaning it yourself, but it also ensures that your steam iron will last much longer.


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    Video Demo

    Here’s a brief video showing some of the features of the Rowenta DW6080.

    Our Conclusion

    • rowenta dw6080 reviewIf you’re looking for steam power, look no further because the Rowenta DW6080 provides more than the majority of other steam irons.
    • If you’re going to be ironing a lot of delicate fabrics, you may want to go for an iron that’s not so heavy on the steam and one that has more temperature options.

    It’s not the most versatile steam iron we’ve come across, but then again, it’s not supposed to be. The main purpose that it’s designed for is for the user to let off a lot of steam, literally, which is excellent for mainly medium and high temperature fabrics. I’d imagine this is most people who have very little delicate clothing to iron.

    To summarize, the Rowenta DW6080 Eco Intelligence Steam Iron is efficient in its use of energy, effective when ironing clothes and convenient when it comes to maintaining it.

    Average User Rating:

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